Workers’ Compensation

Sompo America provides workers’ compensation insurance to protect our clients and their employees when a work related injury occurs.

Working with our TPA partner, Broadspire, we provide the expertise to manage the medical and return to work aspects of workers’ compensation claims, as well as litigation management if the need arises. Broadspire’s networks, case management and other services provide a full array of resources to assist adjusters experienced in every jurisdiction.

Workers Comp

We partner with you to get your staff back to work and reduce your loss costs. We do this by providing customers with:

  • Designated Staff– In partnership with Broadspire, we offer designated claim professionals who know our program, customers and philosophy on service delivery.
  • PPO Network– Large national PPO network with doctors who are focused on returning your employees back to work.
  • Pharmacy Management– Our pharmacy program eliminates out of pocket expenses for your employee with access to 96% of all pharmacies nationwide.
  • Utilization Review– Pay only what is owed.
  • Catastrophic, Field and Telephonic Nurse Case Managers– Keep you informed on key medical issues and can facilitate return to work.


To report Workers’ Compensation claims quickly and efficiently, please have the following information ready when you call Sompo America’s dedicated Claims Reporting Service with Teleplus Claim Capture. Losses reported to Teleplus are forwarded to the appropriate Service Center for contact and handling in accordance to our Client Specific Instructions and our Service Standards.

Workers’ Compensation

Claimant Information:

  • Home address and telephone number
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth/ Gender
  • Marital Status/spouse’s Name/Number of dependents
  • Occupation & Job Class Code
  • Date of Hire/Employment Status
  • Gross Pay Per Week

Accident Information

  • Exact Date and Time of Accident
  • Exact Location Where Accident Occurred
  • Specific Description of Accident
  • Specific Description of Injury
  • Safeguards or Safety Equipment Provided to Prevent Injuries

Medical Facility Information:

  • Medical Attention Provided
  • Name, Address, Phone Number of Medical Facility
  • Name, Address, Phone Number of Physician

Other Information:

  • Insured’s Location Code and Full Address
  • Loss Reported By
  • Job Title/Phone Number

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