We are focused on getting your fleet back on the road. We have partnered with Broadspire for over 10 years to deliver the Best in Class service, direct repair shops and designated claim staff to provide our customers with:

  • Peace of Mind– Auto program designed to meet the needs of our diverse customer base
  • Designated Claim Staff– Claim staff is strategically placed in New Jersey and California for ease of communication and improve program knowledge.
  • Local Service– Access to 1500 Auto Appraisers to get your vehicles back on the road.
  • Managed Repair Program– National network of direct repair shops provides customers with one stop auto estimate, repairs and car rental.


To report Commercial Auto claims quickly and efficiently, please have the following information ready when you call Sompo America’s dedicated Claims Reporting Service with Broadspire’s Teleplus Claim Capture. Losses reported to Teleplus are forwarded to the appropriate Service Center for contact and handling in accordance to our Client Specific Instructions and our Service Standards.


Accident Information:

  • Exact Date and Time of Accident
  • Specific Location of Accident
  • Specific Description of Accident
  • Insured Driver’s Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Insured Driver’s License Number/Vehicle Number
  • Vehicle Year/Make/Model/VIN
  • Other Driver’s Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Other Driver’s license Number
  • Other Vehicle Year/Make/Model/VIN
  • Other Vehicle Owner’s Information. if not, ‘Other’ Driver’s
  • Other Vehicle Owner’s Insurance & Policy Information
  • Violations/Citations Issued

Injured Party Information:

  • Name, Addresses, Phone Numbers
  • Date of Birth/Gender
  • Description of Injuries

Property Damage:

  • Description of Specific Property
  • Description of Specific Property Damage
  • Place/Date/Time Property can be viewed, if necessary

Witness or Passengers Information:

  • Name, Address, Phone Number

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