Report claims to TELEPLUS (24x7/365)

Teleplus Claim Capture will put your accident notice in the hands of the claims professionals quickly, improving opportunities for controlling claim costs. Teleplus is a 24-hour, 365 days-a-year, claim intake center staffed with trained customer service personnel who will get your claims to the appropriate Broadspire Service Center or Sompo America Claims Office in a timely manner.

Whether it is Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Automobile, General Liability or Property Services, Teleplus makes claims reporting easier and faster than ever before. Claims should be reported to 1-866-354-0147 anytime of the day or night

Teleplus does provide a Japanese speaking operator during normal business hours. There is a language selection option available– when prompted, select “1” for English or “2” for Japanese.

Translator Services are also available either upon request when an operator is reached or when it is determined necessary by the call center staff when answering the call.

You will be contacted by your assigned claims handling representative within 24-hours of

Features and Benefits:

  • Provide service 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Calls are handled by trained customer service professionals
  • A Japanese Operator is on staff
  • Translator Services are available
  • Immediate notice of severe losses
  • Collect complete Employer’s First Report of Injury data and/or Acord form data
  • Notify the employee of the claims office handling their claim (available for Workers’ Compensation)
  • Ability to control the claim with early reporting and claims distribution
  • Prepare and distribute all forms/reports
  • Provide a central means for all your locations to report losses
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork at your locations
  • Provide risk management data

Claims Reporting Quick Reference

To report workers compensation, automobile and general liability claims quickly and efficiently, please have the following information ready when you call Sompo America’s dedicated Claims Reporting Service with Broadspire’s Teleplus Claim Capture.

Workers Compensation
Claimant Information:

  • Home address and telephone number
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth/ Gender
  • Marital Status/spouse’s Name/Number of dependents
  • Occupation & Job Class Code
  • Date of Hire/Employment Status
  • Gross Pay Per Week
Accident Information
  • Exact Date and Time of Accident
  • Exact Location Where Accident Occurred
  • Specific Description of Accident
  • Specific Description of Injury
  • Safeguards or Safety Equipment Provided to Prevent Injuries

Medical Facility Information:

  • Medical Attention Provided
  • Name, Address, Phone Number of Medical Facility
  • Name, Address, Phone Number of Physician

Other Information:

  • Insured’s Location Code and Full Address
  • Loss Reported By
  • Job Title/Phone Number

General Liability/Property
Loss Information:

  • Insured Name
  • Policy Number
  • Date and Time of Loss
  • Location of Loss
  • Description of Loss

  • Description of specific property damaged
  • Estimate of value of damages
  • Contact Person at Insured’s
  • Place where damaged property can be viewed

Accident Information:

  • Exact Date and Time of Accident
  • Specific Location of Accident
  • Specific Description of Accident
  • Insured Driver’s Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Insured Driver’s License Number/Vehicle Number
  • Vehicle Year/Make/Model/VIN
  • Other Driver’s Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Other Driver’s license Number
  • Other Vehicle Year/Make/Model/VIN
  • Other Vehicle Owner’s Information. if not, ‘Other’ Driver’s
  • Other Vehicle Owner’s Insurance & Policy Information
  • Violations/Citations Issued

Injured Party Information:

  • Name, Addresses, Phone Numbers
  • Date of Birth/Gender
  • Description of Injuries

Property Damage:

  • Description of Specific Property
  • Description of Specific Property Damage
  • Place/Date/Time Property can be viewed, if necessary

Witness or Passengers Information:

  • Name, Address, Phone Number

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