One of our key tools is our Property Risk Review (PRR) rating system which is provided in each of our survey reports. This proprietary tool was developed by Sompo America to provide our clients with a quick summary of the risk reduction solutions offered and to show how they affect the overall rating of the location. In addition, many risk managers use this tool as a benchmark to compare the level of loss exposure for their corporation’s critical sites. For our multi-location clients, we can compile PRR information from each of their critical sites and present a customized stewardship report that highlights any corporate wide trends and exposures.

Other loss control tools available to our clients include:

  • Comprehensive Property Conservation Manual
  • Fire Protection Impairment Kit
  • Unlimited supply of Hot Work Permits
  • SJA Advisor Bulletins
  • NFPA and other code Interpretations
  • Sprinkler and Water Supply Analysis
  • Testing of Sprinkler Systems, Alarms and Fire Pumps
  • Special Extinguishing System Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Risk Exposure Surveys
  • Property Conservation Programs
  • Plan Reviews of New Facilities/Additions
  • NLE/PML/EML Determinations
  • Impairment Programs
  • Disaster Recovery Planning


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